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What is a Shoe?


Devised and edited by Robert Violette
and published in 2007 by Bata Brands SARL

Design and art direction by Jan Ludwig
Hardback, 144 pages, 95 illustrations
26.9 x 26.9 cm
ISBN: 978-2-9700572-0-8

Bata approached Violette Editions to create a book that explores the company's history and its commitment to satisfying the needs and emotions of its customers.

'Innovative from the beginning, Thomas Bata departed radically from the century-old traditions of the one-man cobbler's workshop ... In 1905, at the age of 29, [Bata] started his own modern factory and became the first person in Europe to introduce mechanisation and mass production to shoemaking ... After more than a century of Bata's consistent service and innovation, [the company's] values remain the same ... Bata is now a highly synergised company, with shoe innovation centres in four major territories, including China ... And although Bata is a consistently developing global company, the family continues to lead and support the organisation with their passion for footwear and advice on products and initiatives. They continue to recognise the highly talented individuals and teams who contribute both to the company's success and to the communities where Bata operates.'

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